December 13, 2023

Dance photo of Lucy Rupert


January 20 & 27, 2024
​11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Dance Arts Institute
585 Dundas Street E – Unit 130
$50 per workshop


Each session will start with a condensed class of Lucy’s training technique, Imaginative Bodies/Metaphors, focusing on the alignment of physicality and imagery to expand movement patterns and self-expectations. Following the warmup, participants will use the scientific thought experiment format to explore personal, improvised movement responses to different models of the end of the universe. The scientific thought process will involve posing a question, picking a theory, and setting the theory in motion through the imagination. Rather than doing this through thinking or writing, participants will achieve this through moving the body with structured improvisation and tasks.

Workshop sessions will end with a chance for reflection through personal notes (or other way of remembering what was meaningful or surprising for you), and a group discussion, using Liz Lerman’s neutral-language Critical Response Method, about what we discovered and what we noticed throughout the work together. 

Dance photo of Lucy Rupert

Lucy Rupert. Photo by Kendra Epik.

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