December 12, 2023

Adult Contemporary Dance Classes
Registration is now open

Dance with us twice a week!

Dance Arts Institute now offers two days of Adult Contemporary Dance. Join us on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to move with live music and learn Contemporary technique in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

When you dance with us once a week, you will find that our Contemporary class is a great way to be creative and learn the fundamentals from a professional dance educator. When you dance with us twice a week, you can build upon your movement vocabulary, gain confidence in learning new material from two teachers, and expand your dance community.

Tuesdays from January 23 to March 5 at 6:30 – 8:00 PM

If you have a passion (or just a curiosity) for contemporary dance, we invite you to join us to reconnect with ourselves and each other through movement in a stimulating and supportive environment with live music. The class uses technique as a pathway to fluid and powerful physical expression and integrates principals of a variety of contemporary dance practices. Starting with floor work, moving to standing material and eventually progressing to longer travelling phrases, the class integrates the fundamentals of various movement practices using breath, weight, energy, and flexibility.

Headshot of Megan Nadain

Thursdays from January 25 to March 7 at 6:30 – 8:00 PM

No matter what your previous dance experience may be, Katie’s class meets you where you are and invites you to work at your individual pace. Warm up, preparatory exercises, and extended dance phrases emphasize ease, coordination, sensation, and fulfillment on the floor, standing, and moving through space. Movement offerings provide a terrain for participants to deepen movement confidence, conceptual understanding and to explore personal freedom in our physical bodies. Join us as we discover new possibilities for movement and nurture our spirits of autonomy and community in the process!

Headshot of Megan Nadain

LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE! Early registration is recommended to secure your spot.

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