Dance photo of Lucy Rupert

January 20 & 27, 2023


$50 per workshop


585 Dundas Street E – Unit 130
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Please bring comfortable clothing to move in, layers to adjust to temperature of the room and weather; bare feet or socks; notebook and pen.

Dance photo of Lucy Rupert


(it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine)

With ten years of experience working on cross-disciplinary art-science projects, Lucy Rupert’s current research considers how tools of Contemporary dance can open up critical thinking and imaginative problem solving outside the art form itself. This artistic research residency acts as a preliminary plunge into a new work developed from theories on the evolution and the end of the universe. Lucy will utilize a thought experiment format in her approach to speculative subjects which may be difficult to fathom, and/or non-human. The format poses a question around a cosmological theory and sets the theory in motion through imagination, using both scientific and artistic methodologies. Through this research, Lucy aims to develop a new creative process model which can be implemented outside of the work and in social and community problem-solving. 


The root of this workshop is Lucy’s curiosity for the embodiment of scientific ideas, theories, and in particular, theories on the evolution of the universe. Lucy will lead participants through physical processes that provoke questioning around the ways we can and can’t do this, the things we see and feel in the attempts to try, all with the focus of expanding the body potential, the imagination, and our abilities to connect dots between distant ideas. Most importantly the work will prioritize playfulness and employability.

Each session will start with a condensed class of Lucy’s training technique, Imaginative Bodies/Metaphors, focusing on the alignment of physicality and imagery to expand movement patterns and self-expectations. Following the warmup, participants will use the scientific thought experiment format to explore personal, improvised movement responses to different models of the end of the universe. The scientific thought process will involve posing a question, picking a theory, and setting the theory in motion through the imagination. Rather than doing this through thinking or writing, participants will achieve this through moving the body with structured improvisation and tasks.

Workshop sessions will end with a chance for reflection through personal notes (or other way of remembering what was meaningful or surprising for you), and a group discussion, using Liz Lerman’s neutral-language Critical Response Method, about what we discovered and what we noticed throughout the work together. 

Participants with varying levels of training are welcome. You don’t need a lot of dance experience or astrophysics training to participate, all you need is curiosity and the desire to move. 


Headshot of Lucy Rupert


Lucy Rupert is a dancer, choreographer, art-science researcher, mother, environmentalist, and founder of Blue Ceiling dance. Through Blue Ceiling she creates, performs and commissions works of contemporary dance and multidisciplinary performance. Lucy also freelances, performing with companies including Fujiwara Dance Inventions, Theatre Rusticle, Chartier Danse, Puppetmongers Theatre, Nova Dance, and Anandam Dance among others. Her work has been presented throughout Canada, and internationally in the United States and Germany. Recently, she was an Artist-in-Residence at Ucross Foundation in Wyoming, USA. Lucy has a double BA in Dance and Music, an MA in History, and is currently studying philosophy through Oxford University. 

Photo credits: 1. Lucy Rupert. Photo by Kendra Epik 2. Lucy Rupert. Photo by R. Kelly Clipperton