The Contemporary dance field of today may be defined by its fluidity, multiplicity and dynamism. To communicate and meaningfully contribute to this field, emerging artists must be agential, reflective, purposeful and be able to create contexts for their own work. 

Dance Arts Institute prepares students for this work. Our studio-based and academic courses provide multiple entry points through which students develop and integrate current physical and creative techniques, critical reflection, and vision.

Dancer laying on the floor of a studio

By engaging and connecting the students with local and international practicing artists/teachers, we foster a dynamic flow of new ideas and technologies, supporting student networking, entry into the workforce and the evolution of the field at large. As the institution’s central axis, our core faculty and staff influence and benefit from being at this intersection, with professional leadership and development a strong aspect to artistic and knowledge exchange.

studentS in our Professional Training Program eXPERIENCE:

  • a supportive and progressive learning environment
  • a concentration on studio practices 
  • current, strong and challenging technical training 
  • workshops, intensives and seminars with national and international guest artists and thinkers
  • opportunities to perform, create and produce 
  • an affiliation with York University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours (B.F.A. Hons) program in dance
  • exposure to the vibrant Toronto dance community and the broader arts scene through performances and studio visits 
  • third-year artistic exchanges and possible internships
  • a multifaceted education that prepares you to perform, create, collaborate, produce and promote your work independently
  • Graduation and Job Rates

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Photos by Jeremy Mimnagh