Mission Statement

To be an exceptional training program that helps shape the future of dance in Canada.


Dance is a powerful means of human expression. At Dance Arts Institute, we are training creative people to perform, choreograph, and teach, and to assume leadership roles that will change the face of contemporary dance in Canada and around the world. Dance Arts is an invaluable foundation upon which the graduates of our core Professional Training Program can build, flourish, and create their own futures and a new vision for the art form and all of our students can share the joy and benefits of movement. We foster innovation in our students, so that they can be the innovators of the future.  A strong dance foundation creates endless possibilities.

Through our Professional Programs, Dance Arts Institute:
  • provides training, education, and artistic and skills development, and networking opportunities to aspiring professional dancers
  • supports the art form, contributing well-trained graduates to the profession
  • engages exceptional professional faculty to provide outstanding and relevant instruction
  • provides mentorship, connection, and exposure to current professional artists, and links to the professional world; and
  • provides leadership to the field and leaders for the field.
Through our community programs, Dance Arts Institute:
  • provides inspiring training in creative movement and dance to people of all ages
  • provides access to dance for our community, and creates new dance lovers; and
  • advocates for dance, physical well-being, and arts education within the dance community and to the public-at-large.

Our core values


Artistic Excellence


Healthy, Progressive, and Innovative Training


Choreographic and Creative Development


Healthy Working Environment




Community, Collaboration, and Advocacy

Privacy Policy

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Sexual Violence Policy

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Accessibility Policy

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Health and Safety Protocols

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