New Building

Our core Professional Training Program is structured for three cohorts to train simultaneously. Our new home will provide multiple studio spaces and amenities for all our students to train and study under the same roof, at the same time. With the recent revisions to the Professional Training Program curriculum, our Communities Program is also evolving, and its aim is to be transformational. At Daniels Spectrum, we have the space to realize our ambition for meaningful community engagement. By providing both entry level and specialized dance classes and workshops, our aim is to uplift, inspire and share the joy of learning with our partner communities, and to support the professional sector through residencies and affordable shorter term studio rentals.

Artscape’s Daniels Spectrum

Artscape’s Daniels Spectrum is a fully accessible community cultural hub in Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood, and is home to many outstanding arts-based and community-focused organizations. With its mandate to foster creative learning and innovation, and enriching the understanding of the arts, the School believes our programming, dreams and goals will be well situated at Daniels Spectrum.

“The School is an invaluable foundation that encourages human expression through performance opportunities, choreography, and leadership in order to change the face of Contemporary dance in Canada, and around the world. Following a competitive request for proposal process, the School was selected based on their impressive submission, outlining how their practice creates ample possibilities for dancers in Canada – a theme that is directly in line with our mission at Artscape, which is to enable artists and help them thrive. We’re greatly looking forward to welcoming Dance Arts Institute in May to Studio 130 of the Daniels Spectrum building,” – Artscape.

Expanding the footprint of dance

Providing space for artists is crucial as it enables them to create, rehearse, and perform their work. Having access to adequate space allows dancers and choreographers to experiment, collaborate, and push the boundaries of their craft, ultimately leading to more innovative and impactful work.

By expanding the footprint of dance through the provision of space, we can also create more opportunities for emerging artists, increase accessibility and artistic expression, and contribute to the growth of the dance industry. Access to dance spaces can have a positive impact on communities, encouraging audience engagement and participation, and fostering social and cultural connections.

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