Renaming Process

The renaming process began in 2021, after the appointment of new Artistic & Pedagogical Director Sasha Ivanochko, and was guided by a Rebranding Committee, which carefully navigated community consultation to ensure that each step was taken with the utmost care and consideration. This process was divided into two phases that spanned 18 months.

Phase One: Discovery and Review

The first phase involved the establishment of a Rebranding Committe. This committee evaluated the organization’s new value proposition and goals, leading to the conclusion that a new name would better reflect the new identity and future of the institution.

The committee then held a strategic review, conducting interviews and engaging with the community to better understand our current positioning. Subsequently, the committee held a workshop to evaluate how a new name could bridge the gap between the School’s current identity and the new institution that it was building.

Phase Two: Development and Community Consultation

The second phase began with a workshop to develop name options and branding. After this stage, the committee held surveys to gather feedback and consulted with a range of stakeholders, including current students, alumni, faculty, board members, and others. We carefully considered the feedback and proceeded with the knowledge that our transformational goals were reflected in the needs of our community.

Throughout this process we ensured that each step received ample time and attention. In doing this, we were able to slow down or go back a step when needed, ensuring that when we did move forward, we did so with full confidence.

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