Why did we change our name?
  • Our new name reflects the transformation of our organization, including our new value proposition, curriculum, and space, as well as highlighting our goals for continuous innovation.
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Why are we moving?
  • After 45 years of calling Winchester Street Theatre our home, we have outgrown its studio spaces. Following an extensive search, it is with great excitement we share with you that we have opened our very own space at Daniels Spectrum.
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What was our renaming process?
  • Our process began in 2021, guided by a Rebranding Committee, navigating through community consultation with the utmost care and consideration.
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How long will it take to fully transition to the new name?
  • Our legal operating name is Dance Arts Institute as of June 1, 2023. We anticipate that the name change will take approximately six months from June 1, 2023 for full transition. We will refer to Dance Arts Institute with “formerly The School of Toronto Dance Theatre” until 2025.
How should people reference the name change?
  • When referencing the name change, please use the following:
    Dance Arts Institute (formerly The School of Toronto Dance Theatre)


What should I do with my Advanced Diploma that has the previous name?
  • Your Advanced Diploma is an accomplishment and deserving of celebration. Alumni are encouraged to display their parchment with pride.
Can I get parchment issued by Dance Arts Institute?
  • Alumni who wish to have their Advanced Diploma reissued under our new name can do so. To request a reissue please contact Bethany Lifeso at bethany@danceartsinstitute.ca
How should I refer to my education on my resume and/or LinkedIn?
  • You may refer to us on your resume as Dance Arts Institute (formerly The School of Toronto Dance Theatre) or simply Dance Arts Institute. Our LinkedIn profile will be titled Dance Arts Institute (formerly The School of Toronto Dance Theatre) until 2025.
Why can I not access a parchment with the previous name any longer?
  • Our name has legally changed to Dance Arts Institute and all official documents will now reflect this.
Is there a fee to reissue my parchment?
  • Yes, a parchment reissue costs $25.
Will my parchment with the previous name still be valid?
  • Yes, parchments that were issued with the proper seal under our previous name of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre remain valid.

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