January 5, 2022

Patricia Fraser was the Artistic Director of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre for 28 years.  She brought to her position an extensive teaching background, significant experience as a dancer and artistic director, and most importantly, a personal commitment to the life-long learning continuum of a dance artist. During her tenure as Artistic Director, she led the School with a combination of long-range vision, integrity, and compassion, and built an outstanding roster of faculty, committed guest artists, and supporters. She was passionately committed to the training and education of young dancers in contemporary dance, and has dedicated herself to investing in the artistic potential of youth for the development of the art form.

The Patricia Fraser Teaching Residency has been established to provide emerging and mid-career teachers, who are alumni of the School, a paid and mentored opportunity to teach technique in the Professional Training Program.

Applications for the 2022 calendar year will be accepted until January 31, 2022.


The Residency provides an opportunity to teach in the Professional Training Program with a mentor’s feedback and insight on class material and delivery, including:

  • class planning and structure
  • pedagogical methodology
  • providing constructive feedback to students
  • an understanding of the processes of evaluation and grading
  • context of class material and course progression within a curriculum
  • an understanding of the requirements of teaching in a professional training program.

Two successful applicants will be paid at an hourly teaching rate for up to 10 classes, plus a flat fee for meetings with a technique teacher from the core faculty. The mentors this year are Johanna Bergfelt, Rosemary James and Robert McCollum.


The award is open to alumni of the School who are emerging or mid-career teachers, and is available to both Canadian and international alumni. Candidates’ applications must include:

  • a résumé
  • an artistic statement outlining their teaching interests (500 words maximum)
  • the name of their proposed mentor and the reason for their choice of mentor
  • one letter of reference that refers specifically to their teaching

Applicants should propose available dates for the duration of the mentorship. Residencies may be virtual, but in-person is ideal.

Please email all application material to pamela@danceartsinstitute.ca


The Residency will be determined based on the following criteria. This applicant will be someone who:

  • has demonstrated an interest in and aptitude for teaching
  • has at least two years of teaching at the pre-professional or professional level
  • demonstrates a deep and abiding care for students
  • shows potential for a successful teaching career


The School is an equal opportunity employer. Artistic Director Sasha Ivanochko and designated core faculty will review the applications and choose applicants for the residency. Decisions are final and may not be appealed.

Questions and applications may be directed to Recruitment and Training Associate Pamela Wong Shoebottom: pamela@danceartsinstitute.ca



Photo: right – Jeremy Mimnagh Photography  |  left – Cylla von Tiedemann

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