January 5, 2022

The First-Year Excellence in Performance Award is awarded to a promising first-year student who exhibits excellence in studio training and performance, and is generously supported by The Turk Family Trust.

Congratulations to this year’s recipient – Micaela Janse van Rensburg!

Micaela began her dance training when she was 11 years old in her hometown of Nanaimo, BC. After high school, she received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and was the coordinator of the university dance team. She then moved to Kingston, ON where she taught dance to students of all ages and performed with Movement Market Collective led by director Kay Kenney. She is thrilled to be continuing her professional training at the School.

Remarks from the adjudication panel include:

Micaela is a really strong, authentic, and captivating mover. She has shown a willingness to let go of any preconceived notions of what dance is, and she is diving into a world of unknowns without any hesitation. This has allowed her to grow quite rapidly since September. Her attendance and work ethic in class is stellar! She thinks, analyzes, and pushes her boundaries constantly.

Congratulations Micaela!

Photo: Jeremy Mimnagh Photography

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