September 21, 2023

Photo of Roberto Soria holding a sound board in a room with maximalist decor


October 21, 28, November 4
​10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Dance Arts Institute
585 Dundas Street E – Unit 130
$40 per workshop


Inspired by Contemporary dance and rave culture, FRAGRANCE is both an interdisciplinary improvisation workshop and a celebration of the creative self. The workshop begins with a focus on individual connection to one’s body through methods of grooving, breathing, and listening. From there, opening into the space, leading by example and not by instruction, Roberto invites participants to observe, interpret “essence”, and join in a felt and spontaneous flow of movement, voice, beat and fashion making. An essential aspect of Roberto’s practice is reading the room, and building upon the creative culture as it presents in the moment. From a peak, ecstatic point, participants will return towards quieter movement.

Through this practice, Roberto aims to cultivate a generative space that prioritizes individual and collective intuition. FRAGRANCE is a space and way for celebrating each other’s choices and allowing the group energy to lift us to new discoveries.

Artist singing into a microphone in a room with maximalist decor

Roberto Soria. Photo by Fran Chudnoff.

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