January 22, 2024

Dance photo of Lucy Rupert

It is an immense honour to extend our warmest congratulations to Patricia Fraser and Susan Macpherson, who have recently been appointed as Members of the Order of Canada, in recognition of their lasting contributions to Canadian contemporary dance.

Their designations were awarded with the following recognitions:

Patricia Fraser – For her lasting contributions to Canadian contemporary dance as an artist, dancer, educator, and artistic director.

Susan Macpherson – For her lifetime devotion to dance as an artist, educator, director, researcher, and mentor.

The Order of Canada is appointed to nominees whose contributions have made a lasting impression on communities across Canada and beyond. There is no clearer evidence of Patricia and Susan’s dedication to dance than to reflect on their pivotal roles in our school’s history. For nearly three decades, Patricia, Artistic Director from 1993 to 2021, and Susan, Artistic Associate from 1997 to 2021, profoundly invested in the school and broadened its horizons and those of multiple students, many of whom have made strong artistic contributions to the professional field themselves.

We congratulate Patricia and Susan on receiving this highly prestigious honour.

Dance photo of Lucy Rupert

Patricia Fraser (left) and Susan Macpherson (right).

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