George Stamos, originally from Nova Scotia, balances his time between Montréal, where he manages ongoing creative projects, and Toronto, where he is the Artistic and Pedagogical Associate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. George has maintained a prolific career in contemporary dance in Canada and internationally since 1993. Regularly performing in his work, George has project managed, coordinated and choreographed over fifty research/creation and production processes, and has danced in the work of pioneering choreographers, including Benoit Lachambre, Sara Shelton Mann, and Zab Maboungou. George is knowledgeable on a wide range of contemporary dance practices and has expertise in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

His creative projects have achieved success across the Americas and Europe. In 2009 and 2017, he was a resident artist at the Baryshnikov Arts Centre in New York, and from 2012 to 2015 at Agora de la Danse. In 2014, George received the much sought-after Northrop McKnight Fellowship for International Choreographers Award, and critical acclaim throughout his career for his inventive creations.

His artistic research and knowledge base have developed through his studies of Central African dance techniques at Nyata Nyata School of Dance (2011-2019), academic theories associated with communication studies, neurodiversity, gender and sexuality (2016-2019), and over 30 years of rigorous professional practice. In the autumn of 2022, he joined the faculty and staff of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. His piece Recurrent Measures DELUXE premiered at the Festival Buenos Aires Danza Contemporánea and his film SNAP, Archie’s Story, had its UK premiere at the Sunderland Shorts Film Festival and its NYC premiere at the Queens World Film Festival. He also performs in a piece titled Sister Nightlight that features guest performer Louise Lecavilier and musicians Remy Saminadin and Roger White. George is currently developing a film and performance project.