March 29, 2023

This year has brought us on an incredible journey and we invite you to be a part of it! 

Today, we ask for your support by making a donation to our Spring Campaign and our next chapter. It is more important than ever to support our work as we revitalize this organization with student-centred values, and future-focused sustainability as our vision. Our future requires continuous innovation which we can achieve together, through the support of donors like yourself. 

What does innovation mean to us?

New Student-Centred Curriculum

A holistic education that reflects the voices and needs of the students. Balancing rigor and innovation, we provide students with strong tools to realize and communicate their ideas artistically. The new curriculum will continue to provide foundational dance training and adapt to the needs of our students and greater dance community. The transition began in September 2021 and will be completed by September 2024.

Exterior of Daniels Spectrum

New Built-for-Purpose Dance Space

Our new home at Daniels Spectrum will provide multiple studio spaces and amenities for all our students to train and study under the same roof, at the same time, within a vibrant cultural hub. Moving from our historic home is the catalyst to creating ample possibilities for, not only the Professional Training Program but, also for our Communities Programs and for dance at-large. We will animate our new space by May 31.

Group of dancers onstage under muted lighting

New Name

A new operating name is a commitment to our responsibility for the ongoing development of the art form. It will more accurately represent who we are today and who we aspire to be – an institution focused on research, developing career skills, and one which advocates for the legitimacy of Contemporary dance practices as a viable professional pursuit. The new name will be announced on May 9.

Group of three dancers making architectural shapes with a strong stage light in the background

More Meaningful Scholarship & Bursary

Scholarships and bursaries are made possible through the generosity of our supporters and provide an encouraging message to students and supports their artistic career pursuits. This Spring, the School will disburse $15,000 to deserving students, with over 25% of these funds prioritized for IBPOC and/or racialized students. Our goal is to increase our ability to support students, to eliminate the financial burden of post-secondary education, and provide better access to dance training for all. Recipients will be announced at our Farewell Celebration Fundraiser on May 3.

Group of three dancers making architectural shapes with a strong stage light in the background

New Vision & Values

In this new era for the School, our vision recognizes an institution’s foundational and influential role in its local and broader community. Our work is driven by artistic excellence; progressive and innovative training; choreographic and creative development; healthy work environments; community, collaboration and advocacy; and equity within the learning environment.

This transformation upholds our commitment to Contemporary dance and enables us to remain at the forefront of dance training for the next generation of dance artists. Be a part of our journey by making a donation today! Together, we will revitalize and expand our institution for Contemporary dance for our students, our community and for the future. 

We are very grateful for your continued support and encouragement as we rebuild this important Contemporary dance training centre, after a very uncertain few years. Our recovery and revitalization is only possible with the support of our community – donors like yourself. What we’ve been able to accomplish to this point is over 50 years of inspired dance training in Canada, supporting the field of dance by preparing the next generation of dance artists and arts workers for the field, enriching the fabric of arts and culture in Toronto and across Canada. 

Make the most of your donation by becoming a monthly donor.

When you make monthly gifts of $10, $25 or more, you can see the real impact your donation is making. It helps you stay connected with us and more deeply connect to transformation and our programs. When you make a recurring donation to the School, you know you’re empowering students to become engaged emerging dance artists by supporting their education.

Photo credits
1. Jayna Shi. Photo by Aidan Tooth.
2. Daniels Spectrum. Photo by Lisa Logan Photography.
3. L-R: Amelia Brown, Peter Bannister, Maya Santos O’Keefe, Abby Hanson, Kt Ayer, Ellen Moore, Mai Luening. Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh.
4. L-R: Ellen Moore, Maya Santos O’Keefe, Ella Parsons. Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh.
5. L-R: Abby Hanson, Ella Parsons, Amelia Brown. Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

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