Young Dancers' Program



Young Dancers' Program Closure

Due to the challenges of pandemic recovery, the School has made the decision to end recreational dance classes for youth at this time. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support throughout the years. Click below to read the full announcement.

Our Young Dancers’ Program (YDP) is designed to introduce children and young people ages 3 to 17 to creative movement and contemporary dance. Dancers are encouraged, both individually and in groups, to explore the dance experience in a focused and fun environment.

The YDP is a non-competitive program which focuses on young dancers’ imaginative and creative potential and aims to develop each child’s full expressiveness through movement. Children are placed in levels based on their age; in some cases, a child may be put in a younger class if they are new to dance.


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Early Steps (Ages 3+)

Dancers in Early Steps will learn movement skills through stories, songs, and actions. Classes are accompanied by gifted musicians who inspire the children to delight in rhythm and musicality. This is a positive and supportive environment for a child’s first experience in a classroom separate from their parents.

Creative Movement (Ages 4-7)

Children are encouraged through movement games, floor and air patterns, physical play, and cooperative group activity to develop their movement skills and stimulate their creative imaginations. There are three levels of the Creative Movement course, in which the young dancers develop confidence, self-awareness, and a sense of accomplishment.

Young Dancers (Ages 7-17)

Young Dancers are introduced to the fundamentals of contemporary dance technique, including integrating the use of the torso and limbs, and the use of time, energy, weight, space, and dynamics. Inspired by live music, dancers are introduced to creative improvisation, and they learn to create their own dances.

As the dancers progress, they focus on integrating the use of fall and rebound, use of the floor, balance, jumping, and turning. Older dancers learn solo and group repertory, supported by engaging and inspiring live music. Students learn to dance with grace and energy, and dive into movement with dynamic physicality and creative imagination.


Creative Movement Made for Me

An integrated creative movement class for children of mixed abilities, including physical challenges. This class provides opportunities for need-specific children with diverse learning styles that are not easily accommodated in a standard dance class. The dancers meet in an environment sensitive to the children’s abilities and potential, supported with enthusiastic and caring teachers, providing the dancers with a positive energy and the joy of live music.







Assistant Teacher




Young Dancers’ Program Director/Instructor

“We had looked at other schools, but the School of TDT was hands down the best fit for us. The wonderful staff at the School were so helpful and make us feel really welcome. At his first class, my son was very hesitant and shy, but Andrew, the instructor, soon put him at ease and by the end of the class, he was all smiles.”

Michelle, parent, Creative Movement III


Lindsay Naft
Student Services & Financial Aid Officer