NOV 5  |  NOV 12  |  NOV 19

$65 per session  |  $165 for 3 sessions

Nov 5: Gravity and proprioception – How we read gravity and habitual tendencies

Nov 12:  Balance – Inner ear and vision

Nov 19:  Utilizing hands and feet

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre
80 Winchester Street, Studio C
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


An exploration into sensorimotor communication for efficient movement

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre is excited to introduce a new offering this fall that facilitates artistic research within the field of Contemporary Dance.

Darryl Tracy has over 20 years of experience elevating a holistic approach to dance by integrating the theory and practice of neuroscience into his artistic research and creative methods. His research and interests will be shared over the course of three workshops:

​All human movement requires sensory input to fuel a motor response. Dancers need a sophisticated and efficient appreciation of this system in all forms of dancing. Current trends in dancing look at various physical practices that are driven predominantly through cortical control. Most of the senses work automatically. Movement and postural control is a complex motor skill derived by many sensory systems. Whether you need to fly into the air, plummet to the floor, stand and gesticulate, move slowly as in Butoh or fast as in mainstream contemporary dance, dancers need a sophisticated ability to access these sensorimotor systems within their genre(s).

Participants will experience an informative lecture, facilitated discussions, and practical movement strategies in each session. Dancers can employ their own movement explorations, made accessible to all dance genres and aesthetic practices. Participants can register for individual sessions or all three for a reduced flat rate. 






Darryl Tracy is a Toronto based artist who loves the human body. He is involved in dance, choreography, movement facilitation, movement, health, and teaching. He has performed with many Canadian and European choreographers over the last 25 years and has also created 42 works through commissions and self-productions. His latest work “quietly rooting for the storm” was presented in Winnipeg with SawdonDance. Darryl is also is a neurological rehabilitation physiotherapist in Toronto. He teaches and is developing a new creation at L’ École de danse contemporaine de Montréal.