Katherine is an eastern european contemporary dance artist currently based in Tkaronto. Originally from Amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton), she has been establishing herself in multiple cities across the country, performing and working with a multitude of artists across disciplines. She has collaborated with Good Women Dance Collective (Edmonton), Kaeja d’Dance (Toronto), Mile Zero Dance (Edmonton), Nostos Collectives (Toronto), Tapestry Opera (Toronto), The Platform TO, Peggy Baker Dance Projects (Toronto), Shay Kuebler/Radical System Art (Vancouver), Tia Kushniruk (Edmonton), Mateo Galindo Torres (Toronto), Meghann Michalsky (Calagry), Sasha Ivanochko (Toronto), and Naishi Wang (Toronto).  She feels liberated when she is able to act as a physical portal for her own and other collaborator’s stories, ideas and sketches. 

Katherine is passionate about cultivating community and the power of dance as a primary form; she coordinates a training platform called westside movement sessions in Tkaronto, is part of the faculty at Dance Arts Institute (formerly The School of Toronto Dance Theatre) and rehearsal directs for William Yong/Zata Omm. She has also shared her practice at  Canada’s National Ballet School, Ballet Edmonton, The University of Alberta, YYC Contemporary Training and public schools across Edmonton and Toronto.

Katherine’s choreographic work has been presented by Expanse Festival (Edmonton), Fluid Fest (Calgary), FODAR – Market Dances (Annaopolis Royal, NS), Mile Zero Dance, and New Dance Horizons (Regina). She has created choreography with and for the musical projects of Julian Anderson-Bowes, Black Fish Project, Charsu Quartet, Jordan Hart, Younggun Kim and Mear. Through an improvisational practice, the investigation of solo work, and choreographic processes, she continues to dissect her artistic values. She is fascinated by the use of spirals, momentum and opposition/conflict in the body, stability and change, and integrates these ideas into her ever-evolving creative practice. She is currently touring her duet ‘Maybe we Land’ with collaborator Meghann Michalsky across the country in Fall 2023, and is invested in a project called ‘Inner Works: A Solo Study’ which includes close collaboration and mentorship with Tia Kushniruk, Sasha Ivanochko and Peggy Baker. Her work has been supported by GWDC’s New Work Award, Edmonton Arts Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Canada Council for the Arts.