The School of Toronto Dance Theatre

Schedule (Week 37): May 16 – May 20, 2022

    • Check back DAILY for changes and updates.
    • Students, teachers and accompanists should arrive no more than 15min before the start of class.
    • If there is a studio (A, B, C, CCDT etc.) listed for your class, you are in person. If it lists a Zoom location only, you are online. If it lists both a studio and zoom meeting, some students are in person, and some online.
    • When looking at the schedule on a mobile device, it is best viewed in landscape.
    • For the safety and security of everyone online, please do not share zoom passwords with anyone.
    • Ensure that your personal and wireless networks are secure (password protected).
    • Recording class and posting/sharing class images or videos is prohibited.

    Please note that some classes will take place at CCDT (509 Parliament Street). You may arrive up to 15 minutes before your class. All of the School’s Health and Safety Guidelines remain in effect in CCDT studios (mask-wearing, distancing, etc.).

    If eating in CCDT studios, please take extra care in cleaning up after yourselves.

    CASTING – 3rd years


    Katie Adams-Gossage
    Nidhi Baadkar
    Fannie-Rose Bernard
    Kayla Champis
    Sydney-Grace James
    Jaimee Leggett

      3B Julianna Heft
    Ben King
    Frédérique Perron
    Jayna Shi
    Leah Wilton

    Zoom Meeting Id’s and Passcodes

    Zoom STDT (Third Year Classes*)
    Meeting ID: 468 316 0410
    Passcode: Ballet2022
    Zoom RH (Second Year Classes*)
    Meeting ID: 706 113 0501
    Passcode: Contemp22
    Zoom JB (First Year Classes*)
    Meeting ID: 647 377 1712
    Passcode: Yoga80

    *unless listed otherwise