September 10 & 17, 2022

Tia Kushniruk | Photo by Emilie Bland



The School of Toronto Dance Theatre is hosting Saturday masterclasses with Tia Kushniruk,  September 10 and 17th.

These classes will begin with repetitive, groove based patterning. We will move through a variety of exercises that broaden the gaze and sharpen the mind, all while honing the body’s capacity for vigour, reciprocity, and release. We will then move through various entries to the floor using the techniques of b-boy, capoeira, Graham, Limon, tai-chi, and house dance to practice simple Floor Work drills, that can then be transferred to larger movement phrases, and for improvisational composition/play. The class may close with either a cool down to ease us back into our day, or a ramp up to shoot us onto the streets.

This class pulls from the practices of Emmalena Fredrickson, Shay Kuebler, Martha Graham, Daniel Ninarello, Christianne Ullmark, Ileanna Cheladyn, FUTURE, and Antony Hamilton.

Knee pads and long sleeves are recommended. Safety is a top priority, however those participating should have a strong understanding of their current body limitations/boundaries.


Tia Ashley Kushniruk (亚 女弟) is a queer woman of Chinese-Ukrainian settler heritage from Amiskwaciwâskahikan/Edmonton. Since 2013 she has been affiliated with the Cirque Du Soleil and is a frequent collaborator of Jake W. Hastey (Toy Guns Dance Theatre). 

Tia has been doing Illustration and Animation commissions since 2020. Her research has been supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Canada Council for the Arts, since 2014 and she is the inaugural recipient of the CONFLUENCE Fellowship from Catalyst Theatre in Edmonton. 

She is a current company member of Shay Kuebler/RSA and will be performing with RSA, adelheid/Heidi Strauss, and Benjamin Kamino in the upcoming months.

Photo by Yvonne Chew